Antique Sideboards in Modern Homes

In the realm of contemporary design, the question often arises: do antique sideboards have a place in our modern homes? The answer lies in the seamless fusion of past and present, as exemplified by our George III period mahogany serving table.

The Enduring Elegance of Edwardian Bookcases

Stately, stylish, and full of charm—Edwardian bookcases are an embodiment of functional beauty. Showcasing the finest craftsmanship of the Edwardian era (1901-1910), these timeless structures continue to enchant book enthusiasts and antique collectors alike.

Illuminate Your Space with Antique Metal Lighting

Illuminate your space with timeless elegance and character by exploring our exquisite collection of antique metal lighting. In the realm of interior design, lighting holds the power to transform any room into a captivating oasis. Our carefully curated selection includes an array of ceiling and wall lanterns, ranging from the sleek lines of art deco designs to the intricate charm of French wrought and cast iron lights.

Preserving History: Elevate Your Décor with an Antique Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Originating in the 18th century, the iconic Chesterfield sofa has stood the test of time as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. With its distinctive deep button-tufted leather upholstery and rolled arms, this timeless piece of furniture continues to captivate homeowners and interior designers alike. And if you're looking to add a touch of history to your modern decor, an antique leather Chesterfield sofa is the perfect choice.

Timeless Treasures: Explore Our Collection of Antique Sideboard Dressers

Antique dressers exude a certain charm that modern furniture just can't replicate. These elegant pieces from a bygone era, add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to any space. Among our remarkable collection, one gem stands out: a mid 19th century, Victorian period, British colonial, Anglo-Indian carved and pierced serpentine sideboard. Crafted from solid rosewood, this piece is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of its time.

Antique Sideboards or Dressers: The Perfect Blend of Old and New in Contemporary Homes

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the concept of mixing old and new has gained tremendous popularity. It's no longer uncommon to see antique pieces seamlessly integrated into modern spaces. When it comes to furnishing contemporary homes, antique sideboards or dressers can be the perfect fit, offering a unique blend of charm, character, and functionality.

Why are Antique Accessories Popular?

Antique decorative objects are popular for several reasons. First, they often have a unique and intricate design that is not typically found in modern decor. These objects are often handmade and reflect the craftsmanship and artistry of the time period in which they were created. Second, antique decorative objects have a historical significance that adds to their value and appeal. They may have been owned by famous or influential individuals, or they may be representative of a particular era or style. Finally, antique decorative objects are often rare and hard to find, which adds to their allure and exclusivity. Collectors and enthusiasts of antique decor appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship, and history that these objects represent, making them highly sought after and valuable.

The Uses of an Antique Linen Press

Organising your linen with the use of an antique linen drawer, also known as a linen press, could be a great way of adding form and functionality to your home.

Antique Metal Lighting for Modern Decor

In the past, interior lighting often featured metals such as brass, copper, and bronze. While this was aesthetically pleasing, its popularity diminished over the years as people gravitated towards lighter and more subtle lighting options for their homes.

The Important Characteristics of Period Antique Furniture

Antique furniture has always been a popular choice for those who want to add a touch of elegance and history to their homes. However, it's important to understand the unique features of antique furniture before buying it. Here are some of the most important characteristics of period antique furniture

Tips for Choosing Chairs for an Antique Dining Table

Antique dining tables are the best decorative items you can have in your dining room. It is not so difficult to choose the right table based on the overall setting of your house and the space available for the table. The difficult choice to be made is finding the right kind of chairs to match your dining table.

Shop for the Best Antique Sideboards and Dressers from our Collection

Every woman, no matter what age or where she stays, often has a need to have a well maintained and pretty looking dresser. It is important to make sure the dresser is functional, does not take up too much space in the room and yet looks as pretty as they want it to be in the theme that they want.

Mix Antiques with Modern Decor for a Wonderful Style

If you are keen to adopt an eclectic style within your home, mixing items from different eras can do the trick. However, getting the right blend of antique and modern décor can be a tricky task. Here are our tips on how best to mix antique pieces with modern décor for the best results.

Using an Antique Writing Desk in a Modern Décor

Antique writing desks were usually made of dark and strong wood. This makes it a little difficult to fit in with modern light coloured furniture and décor. But if paired well and in the right position, it can add to the beauty of the room where it is placed.

Antique Repair and Restoration

Antique furniture may at some point in time require a professional restoration job to return it to its former glory. At Anthony Short, we offer repair and restoration services for all kinds of furniture pieces including tables, coffers, drawers, chests, wardrobes, chairs and stools.

Classic Georgian Bureau Bookcase

Antique furniture pieces have always been full of a unique character and are often stylish enough to adapt quite effortlessly into the most modern aesthetics. With a little bit of thought the old and the new can combine beautifully to create a wonderful contrasting interior design. Anthony Short Antiques has always had a classic variety of Georgian Antiques in its collection and one of the latest entrants to our list of fabulous Georgian Antiques is this good-looking bureau bookcase. A classic Georgian bleached oak piece, it comes with all the beautiful details of a typical old-world bookcase of its kind.

Two of our Favourite Antique Sideboards

For years antique sideboards have taken centre stage when it comes to home storage, often being the furniture of choice for displaying silverware and china tableware.

Antique Bureau Bookcases from the World of Georgian Antiques

Have you had a look at this late Georgian bleached oak bookcase with ebony inlay? This English country house bureau bookcase belonged to the 1800s and is a classic piece with all frills attached. A moulded cornice with inlay, above two fielded and inlaid panelled doors which open to reveal a white painted interior with adjustable shelves inside.

Elegant Antique Bookcases

Throughout the ages, bookcases have always been one of the most elegant types of furniture. We recently came across some Georgian Antiques and were thrilled to uncover a couple of stunning bookcases.

Queen Anne Furniture

Have you had a look at this fine early 18th century, Queen Anne period walnut and oak Chest of Drawers? A beautiful example with great colour & patina. The moulded rectangular cross banded top sits above two short and three long graduated inlaid drawers, standing on signature bun feet.

Antique Desks for a Modern Decor

Our antique desks are very popular, and tend to get snapped up almost as soon as they get in. If you have a look at the pieces that have already found their homes, you will understand what we mean! Antique desks are a popular choice in modern workspaces, especially for those who use laptops as they allow for a fairly clutter free work station.

Decorative Antiques for Christmas Gifting

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to think of gifts. And we have a range of unique and decorative antiques that make great options for the gifting season, especially our selection of antique decorative accessories. These accessories elevate the look of your interior décor like nothing else can by introducing an elegant feel to the space. A décor with these in it will certainly look tasteful.

Stunning Antique Linen Press Cupboards

We have had some truly gorgeous antique cupboards pass through our collection over the years, and antique linen press cupboards have always been some of the most popular. This beautiful mid-19th century mahogany linen press in a rich light honey colour is a current highlight of our selection, although not for long we are sure! The arched-shaped doors open to two drawers that slide out, with the lower section having two small and two long graduated drawers. The look is completed with brass plate handles and low bracket feet.

Things of Interest: A Quirky Weather Vane

Weather vanes, an instrument used to show the direction of the wind, date all the way back to the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece. They were quite useful back then, when weather reports weren’t available at the click of a button like it is today on phones and weather channels. Careful and consistent observation of these weather could also indicate an oncoming storm or cold snap.

Art & Antiques Fair at Château de Deulin

Art & Antiques Fair at Château de Deulin

Antique Shop in Bruges

Antiques have been a part of our family for decades! Anthony Short Antiques first opened an antiques gallery 23 years ago in Antwerp and our family has been in the antiques trade for over 50 years in Knokke-Zoute, Belgium. In 2008 my family and I made the move to the UK, leaving my successful shop in Antwerp in order to embark on a whole new adventure in the charming town of Petworth.

Welcome to our Belgium showroom

In addition to our  Petworth, West Sussex showroom we have now opened a wonderful new showroom in Brugge, Belgium.
In Brugge we offer period antiques and fine works of art and a wonderful collection of contemporary paintings.

Our Decorative Antiques Featured on QUEST TV - Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard

Very pleased to have been included in the recent Quest TV prorgramme where Drew Pritchad visits various interesting antiques shops in Petworth. On TV he is seen admiring our ecclectic stock and purchasing two of our wonderful decorative  Flamingo statues.

Preparing to attend our next Antiques Fair - Holland

Once again we cross the water to exhibit our wonderful selection of fine antique furniture to appreciative buyers in mainland Europe.
This time we go to the Kunst en Antiek fair in a chateau near Utrecht in Holland
Dates are 26 to 29 December 2016
We hope to see you there!


We exhibit at the Belgium 2016 Antica Lamur

Here we are again exhibiting at one of our favourite antiques and art  exibitions in Belgium and as a bonus Antica Namur turns 40 this year

As usualll we are showing some wonderful pieces of fine antique furniture as well as fascinating curios like this  model The Silver Ghost which is the last work from JLB Art, Borgers Jean-Luc from Belgium.

Attended Another Successful Antiques Fair in Holland

From 29th of September up to and including 2nd October 2016, SELECTIONS FAIRS  held an Antique and Fine Art Fair in The Hague. Around 50 antique and Classic Fine Art dealers were exhibiting their collections.
This exhibition was  held in the highly atmospheric ‘Big Church’ of The Hague and was s “a must” for every art lover and collector.
We exhibited a comprehensive range of "brown furniture" that proved extremely popular

Exhibition by JLB Art, Borgers Jean-Luc from Belgium

See our exhibition of 4 works of art by JLB Art, Borgers Jean-Luc from Belgium.
Racing cars from scrap metal.
Illustration is the Silver Ghost, the last work from Exhibition at Anthony Short Antiques in Petworth during the Goodwood festival of Speed Weekend July 2016. His racing creation number 5 took about 1600 hours to build from scratch metal and measures about 2 metres long. The Silver Ghost is inspired on the legendary Ferrari Lancia D50.

PETWORTH ANTIQUES DEALERS enter charity football competition

On Saturday 7th September Petworth Antiques and Decorative Arts dealers association (PAADA) entered the National Antiques 5-a-side football tournament for the first time. See