Elegant Antique Bookcases

Throughout the ages, bookcases have always been one of the most elegant types of furniture. We recently came across some Georgian Antiques and were thrilled to uncover a couple of stunning bookcases.

The bureau bookcase appeared early in the Georgian period. The original design was first seen in the 1730s which featured a large central compartment and winged sides. The earliest form of bookcase was a cabinet with a glass front that ran from the top to the plinth. The designs evolved over the years to modify the cabinet into the bureau bookcase or secretaire as it was known in France.

Here is a classic bureau bookcase from amongst our latest finds. A Georgian bleached oak with ebony inlay English country house bureau bookcase. This is one amazingly functional bookcase with adjustable shelves inside, an inlaid bureau with a lovely fitted interior with various drawers and compartments. A perfect option for the modern-day work space.

We also have this George IV period mahogany Secretaire Library Bookcase. This one is of much larger proportions compared to the previous one. Well equipped with a desk, drawers and a complete upper section to hold books, this bookcase is a complete package of form and function.

If you are looking for something that is elegant with a classic design, beautiful aesthetics and decorative flair, these will certainly make great choices for you. Visit us to have a look at the full range of wonderful antique furniture we have in our collection.

Elegant Antique Bookcases